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My name is Angela and I live in Oregon. My husband and I have two children, Kellen Rolland Curtis Stevens age 10 (1-9-88), and Sionna Wyoming Stevens age 2-1/2 (4-24-96). We are currently pregnant with baby #3, a little boy (no name picked yet), due 12-24-98. I probably won't make it to that date however; as I have recently been diagnosed with polyhydramnios (excessive amniotic fluid) and am much larger than I should be. Baby seems to be all right so far, I begin non-stress testing and fluid level checks this week.

I am currently 29 years old. I had my breast reduction when I was 27, after Sionna weaned herself. I have been very encouraged by the information that I have received being a part of this group and feel confident that I will be able to breastfeed in some capacity. I have ordered the Lact-Aid supplementing system and will be getting a hospital grade breast pump to help with increasing my milk supply.

I know that all the women in this group and the ones to come to it later will find the same warmth and support that I have, I send you all my warmest blessing.

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