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My name is Jaki and I live in South Australia with my husband Glenn and 2 daughters, Sheryn Ann (2/24/97) and Mikayla Hope (10/7/98). I was about 23 when I had my BR, (7 years ago) and substantial amount of breast tissue was removed (3 lbs each) because my very heavy breasts were pulling down on a nerve some where and causing me to black out up to 12 times a day. I was told that I may not be able to BF, but that I wouldn't have been able to anyhow. (Explain that one!!)

My first daughter was born early, at 34.5 weeks, and with low production, reflux and her unable to suck, I bottle-fed. My second daughter was 3 (ish) weeks early, but we didn't encounter the problems we did last time. I still didn't produce much milk and had to give her EBM in bottles, but as production increases I might be able to retrain her to the breast. We'll have to see how that goes.

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