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My name is Nicole. After I had my first two children, I talked to my husband about getting a reduction. I was 26 and my breasts were cumbersome and very heavy. I nursed both girls, but for only six weeks. I was so full of milk that I could not even leave the house. My breasts were so big I had to use both hands to nurse so the breast would not cover their mouth and nose....very hard to do.

So after I thought I was done having babies I had the surgery. I never even considered needing them again for nursing, so I did not even care about TYPE of surgery or what the outcome was. I was just happy to be able to buy a bra in a "Normal" store. After the surgery, I began to regain all feeling and sensation..so as you can imagine I was happy about that. :)

About two years ago during a regular visit to the Gynecologist, he looked at my scars and told me I would never be able to nurse if I had any more children. I really did not think much about it until about a year ago when I got pregnant with my third child. At the moment I realized I was pregnant I had a horrible since of guilt about the surgery. I was horrified at the thought of putting a bottle in my day old babies mouth. I worked all through my pregnancy and one day on my lunch hour I found the BFAR website and read it word for word. I was just searching for answers.

When I was in my 7th month, I began preparing my nipples like I did with the other two...just in case the doctor was wrong. To my amazement I starting to be able to express a little colostrum and I kept doing it night after night.

When Anthony was born he was hungry and I was still worried, but nursed him like normal. I did not tell the nurses because I did not want them to be negative...but I did give him formula after nursing for 90 minutes because he was a hungry baby...9 pounds will do that. Three days after I got home my prayers were answered and my milk came in. This time I had just enough for him and did not leak everywhere. I was small enough to enjoy it and I even had a free hand to touch is face.

I just wanted to thank you for being here and putting so much info out for women like me.

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