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I am a BFAR mom who has had wonderful success. I gave birth to a 9 lb, 5 oz baby boy on October 14, 2003. I was concerned about the effect my breast reduction, which I had ten years ago at the age of 20, would have on my ability to breastfeed, and was somewhat discouraged from reading other BFAR stories. Much to my suprise and delight, breastfeeding has been wildly sucessful for my son and me. By his two week checkup, he was up to 10 lbs and at two months, he was 13 lbs, 2 oz. He has not required any supplementation, nor have I had any serious concerns regarding the quantity of milk I have produced. I am enjoying breastfeeding more than I ever thought I would. I would like other BFAR moms to know that it does not always have to be as complicated and difficult as many BFAR stories make it seem.

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