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My daughter was born in 2001 and I was determined to have a successful breastfeeding relationship.  I was given a lot of reminders from friends and family about my reduction (like I needed them to remind me) and wanted to prove their concerns to be unnecessary.

I never did need to supplement.  I nursed exclusively for the first three months until I returned to work.  I then pumped three times per day and that supplied her milk for while I was at work, but we always nursed when together.  I continued to pump until she was nine months old and then stopped because of reoccurant thrush issues.  We continued nursing when together, but she received formula when apart.  I continued to nurse my daughter until she was 22 months old. 

I am now entering the eleventh month of nursing my son.  He was also exclusively nursed for the first three months and then given expressed mother's milk while away from me.  I will continue to nurse him for as long as we are mutually comfortable with breastfeeding.  
Breastfeeding after a reduction has been very successful for me.  I don't know how much is mind over matter, but I was determined to give it all I had.  I always fed on demand and let my babies stay at the breast for as long as they desired.  Suckling stimulates milk production and that's what I wanted.

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